Sunday, 7 August 2011

Distress Inks Colour Swatch

When I first saw this project in 'Craft Stamper' back in May I knew I had to make my own.
I didn't realise quite how long it would take me to make or how many rude comments I would get for making it in the first place, mentioning no names, Karen, Natalie and Bex.
I used 2" squares, three for each colour of distress ink. I was covered in ink while making this.
I used acetate for the cover as I wanted to see the coours show through and yes I am so sad that I change the front colour whenever I feel like it.

I have used this colour swatch so much I do not know why I didn't make it earlier, the others have looked at it as well and I even used it when helping someone choose which colour ink the wanted from Karen's shop  at

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  1. We didn't mean it Sheryl, really we didn't. I must say it has turned out really well and maybe I should now do one for the shop.