Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Craft Day

Can you believe it!! A week and a half of the summer holidays has flown past already, where does it go and why does it go so quickly?
Last Friday Lucy and I went to Natalie's for a craft day, Karen and Helen were also there as well as Natalie's lovable children who made me laugh when I should not have so I got wrong as well.
Lots of crafting went on, Helen made a card, it was beautiful, for a 21st birhday, she was so suprised with herself for actually finishing something, she also got out a scrapbook page that was started a while ago and added to that. Karen did some more pages of her birthday book, it looks amazing, I'm sure it will be on her blog when it is finished, I love the way she has done the pages to match the months. Natalie made some beadedflowers to go on wands and finished some tiara's she was working on. Lucy kept the girls entertained, or was it the other way round, Lucy also made a thank you card to send to her Auntie Alice. And me, well I finished another drawer of cards, with a music theme this time, I made the box ages ago but added to it and finished the cards.
 This drawer of cards holds four 4"x4" cards and envelopes, the backing paper on the card is from the fancy pants range, this one is called needlepoint and is double sided. I used the side that had the music printed on it which I also used to make the rose with that sits on op of the drawers.
I punched out a butterfly in vellum then layered it onto co-ordinating cardstock. I added glitter as well but that does not show in the photograph. All I need to do now is add gems to the bodies of the butterflies.

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