Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Filofax Dividers


 Accessories for Filofax are so expensive, and not at all personalised, so when I was asked to make some for a friend to use I knew exactly which paper she would love that I had in my stash. Luckily when I asked her what colour she was thinking of it was the same as what I had in mind.

To make them I measured a Filofax page, cut paper and card to size, glued them together then weighted them down to keep them flat whilst they dried. I used wet glue to adhere them as it does not appear to loose it's sticking ability like some double sided tape does.


To make the tabs I used a punch from Stampin up, then I cut white card to size and rounded the edges before attaching these to the tabs. The tabs were then adhered to the dividers and holes punched on the side to fit the Filofax.

These dividers are very strong and of course can be made to suit any colour design needed.


  1. These are beautiful! Are you on Etsy, by any chance?

  2. Thank you, no sorry I am not on Etsy but if you see anything you would like to buy please contact me.