Friday, 4 January 2013

Button Box

For Christmas I was lucky enough to receive this Baylis & Harding set which contained slippers and foot cream, my family were really pleased because my slippers were well past their sell by date!!!
I was really pleased because the packaging looked so pretty and I knew my buttons would fit in.
 So I took the packaging apart very carefully. I then decided the top part did not need anything doing to it as it was already embossed with gold so I made my button box from this.
First I cut and scored the acetate cover from the original packaging to fit around the box I was going to use. As the acetate was so thick it folded and scored beautifully, I secured it with red tape.
 Next I cut and folded wwhite card to make the insert to keep my bottons seperated. I made the center one first then made two compartments for the top and five for the bottom .
I chose to use white card to compliment the original packaging.
To finish the box I cut out some buttons from some free papers I got with a magazine and put glossy accents over them. I cut the letters out and put them to a bit of card that was just within arms reach and attached this to the acetate cover with glossy accents.
So now I have a stylish new button box and have recycled christmas packaging, I'm feeling pretty good!!!!

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