Monday, 24 December 2012

Snowmen Tealights

I first saw these on made by a really talented lady called Becky Roberts.
I thought they would be ideal to use as place settings for Christmas day.
The one in  the middle is for my father in law, we think it looks a bit like a Where's Wally snowman, but actually his hat is red and white as father in law supports Arsenal FC

I also made a box, just because I wanted to see how the snowmen looked boxed up, I think they look so cute!!!

The tea lights I used were from two different places, I bought some from 'Roy's', a shop in the town where I live, four for £2.00 and some from the 99p stores in Norwich that also came in a pack of four.
Both work well but the flames/noses are different sizes so please be aware if you are going to make some.
Merry Christmas.

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