Friday, 17 June 2011

Men's Wallets

I made one of these wallets earlier this year just because I wanted to, we gave it to my father-in-law for his birthday, but I wanted to make more for Fathers Day. I am really pleased with how they look, I have made seveal brown coloured ones and two black wallets. Some I embossed with the Mesh embossing folder (and my vagabond) others I left as normal card.
I have inked all of the wallets and added faux stitching to some. From two pieces of cardstock I made three wallets. Some have a clear window in as a photo holder space, others just have pockets.  
When I had embossed the cardstock I then used embossing ink to cover all the ridges then used clear embossing powder before heat setting it. The wallets that are embossed  have a paper lining inside to hide the reverse embossed look. 
These wallets look so real they are amazing, different effects can be made by inking and the colour of embossing powder you use.