Monday, 25 March 2013

Easter Basket

When I started to make this basket in my mind I had an image of a strawberry punnet.
I sat at my workspace with white card and this is what evolved.
I stared by making a box base, as in Sue's box, but bigger and deeper,  before I glued it together I used a punch to put bars in the basket, this way the basket is still strong but easy to work with.
I glued the sides at an angle so it is slightly 'V' shaped. I added DI to each bar to add definition.
I made the handle by punching a strip of 1" card on both sides and inked that as well.
Once the handle was in place I decided to add the brown trim top and bottom, this made the basket more alive somehow.
The flowers are a mix of card and felt also inked, I chose the colours to go with the chocolate eggs I had. As you can see the middle of the flower is a button.
I am really pleased with this basket even though it is not quite a strawberry punnet!!!

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