Sunday, 16 September 2012

Congratulations Card

My closest, I'm not allowed to say oldest, but she is, friend recently got engaged. She rang me one evening to tell me then came round for coffee the next morning so I did not have long to make the happy couple a card.
I used my big shot and the stampin up die to make the card base, it's easier than it looks, just google it.
I used colours that I know my friend loves.
When I had put the card together it looked bare on the front, that was when I decided to stamp flourishes all over, the effect made the card look quite different.
Also I knew I had some teeny tiny alphabet stickers somewhere but could I find them when I wanted them, so I stamped the letters then cut them into the size etc that I wanted.
My friend loved the card.
The stickers magically turned up just after she left, exactly where they should have been but weren't

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