Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Chocolate Pencils

The children have now been back at school for three weeks, so I thought I would show you these pencils I made during the holidays using Rolo's and Hershy's Kisses, I saw the idea on a blog called 'inking idaho'.

 I cut yellow card the length of a pack of Rolo's and wide enough to go round with a spare bit for the double sided tape, then I scored long ways every 1/4 inch. I put red tape along the spare bit of card and wrapped the whole thing around the Rolo's. the 'rubber' is made with pink and silver card just wrapped around the top of the pencil and attached with red tape.
The pencil point is the Hershy's Kiss, stuck on with a glue dot, at the time I made these Asda had lots of American sweets on offer, so it worked out that I paid £1.50 for a pack of about 25 Kisses. Apparently the 99p Stores sometimes have the Kisses but not when I looked!!!
As you can also see I made a pencil from a tube of smarties as well, but I think the Rolo's work best.
Next time I make some of these I might add black lines down the pencils, just like the ones we have in our school.

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