Saturday, 14 July 2012

Jubilee Sweet Dispenser.

I made these sweet dispensers for Lucy and her friends to have at the street party they all went to and enjoyed very much. The sweet dispenser is made the same way as the previous one I made, it was also meant to have red, white and blue sweets in it but when I came in from work one day I discovered Adam and Lucy had eaten them all!!!!!!!!!

 The mini bunting is made from card that has different textures, I thought it would look better than all plain card, as you can see from the picture the bunting is held in place by foam squares.
 The decoration on the top of the boxes are punched out shapes from the Portabella Road papers.
Lucy still has her sweet dispenser, maybe because she knows if she leaves it in the kitchen or sitting room  I will fill it up with sweets.

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