Monday, 31 October 2011

Polo Shirt Card

I really wanted to make a polo shirt style card which I thought might be suitable for a teenager, I was not happy with my first effort, the brown shirt, as it does look too much like an every day shirt, so I tried again and was slightly happier with the green polo shirt attempt. However I will try to make it slightly different if I make it again.
For this card I used coredinations card and my happy birthday embossing folder.
 I think the green shirt is better as I have added detail that looks more polo shirtish, yes this is a new word, I did keep asking son number two, Adam, to stand in front of me with his best polo shirt on so I could try to get it right. He did offer really constructive advice too, such as adding the detail to the cuffs etc.
So next time I am going to make the 'V' not as deep and make the collar squarer.
All things considered I now think it is a pretty good first attempt, apparently though It would be greatly improved  if I bought Adam a new polo shirt that he could model for me.

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