Thursday, 27 October 2011

Advent Calendar

While making the previous advent calendars I wondered what one would look like as a chest of drawers,so I finally found time to make one.
I have used my favourite papers again, Basic Grey, along with cream card and chipboard.
I started by making the matchboxes which I then attached together using pva glue, this meant I was able to line the boxes up a little bit easier as I had a small amount of time in which I could slide the boxes about. I made four columns of six boxes which I then attached together to form the chest of drawers affect.
Next I used chipboard to make a box to house the matchboxes in, this gives the whole advent calendar a sturdier finish, I also used  chipboard to make a top and base for the housing to sit on.
I covered all the chipboard pieces with patterned paper before attaching together. 
Finally I finished the advent calendar by adding the numbers, I chose to do a random pattern for this, I decorated every other box front with faux stitching and then added the brads and rick- rack as drawer openers.
I decided to add glitter to the patterened paper but this does not show in the picture. 
 Again as with the other advents I have made all it needs now is little gifts in each drawer.

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