Friday, 22 July 2011


These little handbags are adorable, they are just the right size to hold a gift card (the ones that are like credit cards). They are best made from double sided paper that is not to thin. I used 6"x6" paper for these handbags but have also used 12"x12" paper for a larger handbag (I made one as a gift holder to put a scarf in for my sister's birthday).
The look of the handbag can be changed by making the handles differently or by making the base of the bag wider. The handles can either be attached to the outside of the handbag using brads or attached to the inside of the handbag.

Using different colours makes these handbags all different, the larger ones almost appear to be real bags. They can be inked to give a worn look or stamped and embossed to add texture.

The clasp is held in place with DS tape and magnets to keep it closed. The handbag can either have a clasp that goes over the top or magnets can be glued in place on the inside of the handbag top as in the first picture.


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