Saturday, 16 February 2013

Shopping List

I made this colourful shopping list pad for a volunteer where I work.
It is magnetic so it very handily sits on the fridge ready to be used.
I covered a clothes peg with paper and added a felt flower (I die cut mine using Tim Holtz mini tattered flowers)
 The base is made from chipboard which I then covered in pattern paper and coordinating card. The note pad is a supermarket basic one (very cheap), which I added to the base by cutting a slit in the chipboard which is as wide as the note book and 4mm wide so the card back of the note book can be slid through, this also means it can be changed easily when it has been used up.
I also covered the black top of the note pad with card, it looked to dark otherwise.
To finish the whole thing off I covered a pencil in matching paper, but I do not know how well it will work when the pencil needs sharpening.
I added magnetic tape to the back of the chipboard base but the magnetic sheets that are on the market now may have stronger magnetism.

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