Saturday, 16 June 2012

Tortoise Jewellery

Lucy and I have been busy making some jewellery for my Mum to sell. She is part of the Norfolk Tortoise Club and as well as helping people with their tortoises she also raises money for the club by selling tortoise related products.
Lucy made the phone charms whilst I made the bracelets and earrings. Some of these items were sold at the Spring Fling at the Norwich Show Ground, the Tortoise Club attends lots of shows and fetes so have a look on their website for more info, one of the next big shows they will be at is the Norfolk Show at the end of this month.
The Norfolk Tortoise Club does lots of good work for the welfare of tortoises, for example, many people assume that tortoises eat only lettuce and tomatoes but these foods are actually bad for tortoises in large quantatities, tortoises actually like and should eat many of the weeds found in our gardens, I know a tortoise who loves bindweed!!

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