Friday, 9 September 2011

Matchbox Box

I just love little boxes that hold all odds and ends that I do not know where to put. Last year I made an advent tower/box out of matchboxes that I had made, but I did not have a score board so I drew up a template to use and hand cut 24 boxes and covers and scored using a ruler and embossing tool, it took what felt like forever.
I have seen these matchbox kits on the internet for a long while and have always wanted to make one but have been too stingy to buy the kit, so my summer holiday challenge to myself was to make a matchbox using my Martha Stewart scoreboard. I know I could probably have done a web search to find instructions but I am not that good on a computer plus broadband is pretty pants in the area I live in, the connection keeps breaking up. 
I am pleased to say that once I had the pattern sorted in my head it was fairly easy to do. I have even managed to do the measurements so that each side is scored the same.
 But as yet I haven't been able to work out the cover in inches only in centimetres, so I mark where the score lines should be then line up the card on the MS board and do it that way.
This box is just the right size to keep four different sets of brads in, or Lucy could keep some of  her jewellery in it. Now I know I can make these  boxes easily I can make lots of storage towers, or mini desks, or sets of drawers. Then I can buy more brads to go in them!!  

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